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Links in the Chain of Trauma

“Leaders have tried to wipe away histories of atrocities by foot-dragging on investigations until new bloodshed dulls memories of the old.” That line from a New York Times article on Egypt’s military government jumped out at me. Authoritarian regimes know … Continue reading

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Muslims, Mormons and Mister Magoo

A New York Times piece on Mormons’ game-changing role in Senate approval of ENDA this week exemplified what smart religion coverage should be and do.  The most prominent political figures in a religious movement that threw its weight behind California’s … Continue reading

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God, Government Power and the GOP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Tea Party hero Sen. Ted Cruz would likely agree with the proposition that the U.S. government under President Barack Obama has become an unholy behemoth, arrogating power and trampling on liberties it’s supposed to protect. … Continue reading

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The Times and Shari’a: Bloodying the Lede

During a recent trip to Nigeria, I traveled by road from Jos, a religiously mixed university town in the middle of the country, to Sokoto, seat of the 200-year-old Sufi caliphate that shapes the dominant Muslim culture in the country’s … Continue reading

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Heavens Above, Apocalypse Below

A middle-aged man, I was decidedly in the minority at an 11am weekday screening of “Gravity” at the Grove, one of the open-air consumerist Potemkin villages that began sprouting in Los Angeles and other Sunbelt cities just before the economic … Continue reading

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Taking Exception to “Exceptionalism”

In his speech at the U.N. this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose to bury the lede (the Palestinian issue remains by far the largest obstacle to peace in Israel-Palestine) and rant instead about the new Iranian president’s efforts at … Continue reading

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