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Demystifying Mormonism

by Laura J. Nelson The hottest topics on Easter Sunday's news talk-shows? Religion and politics. “Religion will be less important in the fall in the general election than at any time since 1972, before Roe versus Wade really transformed the … Continue reading

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Movies, Money and Morality

by Brie Loskota When I was a kid the Movieguide newsletter would arrive and, if I was quick enough, I could hide it before my mom stacked it on our bookshelf near the encyclopedias. If I failed, there it sat … Continue reading

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Do You Have Faith in the Media?

by Diane Winston and John Green A visiting Martian might be forgiven for thinking that Americans care more about the religion of prospective presidential candidates than they do about the economy, the environment, health care, or even space travel. And, … Continue reading

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In Southern Thailand, Coverage Of Deadly Bombings Ignores Context and History

by Benjamin Gottlieb The deadly, coordinated bombings in the Patani region of Thailand over the weekend – in which 15 people were killed and hundreds injured – reminded Thais fresh off a successful democratic election of the religious and ethnic … Continue reading

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Covering Unbelief…Badly

by Jason Kehe March was a busy month for atheists. Two Saturdays ago, thousands of them—estimates ranged from 10,000 to 30,000—congregated at the National Mall for the so-called Reason Rally, billed as “the largest secular event in world history.” This … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin Coverage Highlights Race/Religion Link in GOP Primaries

by Kevin Healey Is the death of Trayvon Martin a religious issue? “Social justice” churches and leaders have placed the shooting at the center of attention. In New York City, Middle Collegiate Church held a “Hoodie Sunday,” with pastors and … Continue reading

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Decolonizing Coverage: Religion, Celebrity and Kony 2012

by Megan Sweas After visiting a slum in Delhi, India with a young evangelical woman from Georgia, a friend and I got into a discussion about Americans working in the developing world. “Maybe I just don't like NGOs,” he said, … Continue reading

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Inoculation Against Bias

by Elise Hennigan The anti-vaccine crowd is making headlines again. This week, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about public-health officials' worry over potential outbreaks of measles, diphtheria and other illnesses as a consequence of dangerously low vaccination rates … Continue reading

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Megachurch and Microscoop: Beyond the Crystal Cathedral

by Richard Flory The Crystal Cathedral has finally met its demise. After bankruptcy, the sale of the landmark sanctuary to the Orange County Roman Catholic Diocese and now the (somewhat ungraceful) exit of the entire Schuller family, the fate of … Continue reading

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I Was a Virgin on Birth Control

by Nicole Neroulias Mainstream or religious, conservative or liberal media agree: The recent birth control brouhaha – should the HHS mandate faith-affiliated hospitals and schools to have contraceptives covered by their health insurance providers? – is a pitched battle between … Continue reading

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