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Finding Religion under the Barrister’s Robe and in the Stripper’s G-String

by Diane Winston Just another day in the news: Chief Justice John Roberts casts the deciding vote in the Supreme Court's verdict on Obamacare, Egypt's new first lady is introduced to the American public and Steven Soderbergh's film about a … Continue reading

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Re-modeling Reporting on “The Model Minority”

by Jane Iwamura Last week, the Pew Research Center released a major report from its recent survey of Asian Americans. Pew's press release tagged Asian Americans as “the best-educated, highest-income, fastest-growing race group in the country,” and the highly regarded … Continue reading

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De-Sissyfying Jesus

by Richard Flory Evangelical Christians have a long history of co-opting popular cultural forms, giving them a nice (and wholesome) Christian gloss and turning them into tools to help convert the masses—or at least to get them into the pews … Continue reading

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The Organic (Counter-) Reformation

by Kevin Healey A recent headline at Jezebel made a startling claim: “Study Suggests that Eating Organic Foods Contributes to Moral Depravity.” It sounds counter-intuitive, given that many who eat organic do so for ethical reasons. Yet it conjures the … Continue reading

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Politicos (and Journos) Chase the Catholic Vote

by Maura Jane Farrelly Reporters, columnists, campaign strategists and admen have once again discovered the Catholic vote – and it isn't just because Catholics make up a quarter of the American electorate and are the largest religious group within America's … Continue reading

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An Evangelical Changing of the Guard?

by Richard Flory At about the same time that President Barack Obama came out in favor of gay marriage, and North Carolina amended its constitution to forbid gay marriage, a small group calling itself the Biola Queer Underground announced itself … Continue reading

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Tibet’s Sacrifice: Exiled Lives

“Tibet's Sacrifice: Exiled Lives” by Dan Carino is a multimedia piece of comics journalism examining Tibetan activists living in India and their willingness to die for their cause through self-immolation. Self-immolation among Tibetan activists has been on the rise over … Continue reading

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Latinos and LGBT Rights

by Arlene M. Sánchez-Walsh Two recent surveys dispel some common misconceptions about Latino/a religious communities and LGBT rights. Adept news media watchers would do well to dig into these findings, which debunk the myth that Latinos/as are overwhelmingly socially conservative … Continue reading

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The Gay Marriage Debate: Not (Just) About Religion

by Nicole Neroulias Coverage of same-sex marriage often pits conservative Christians against liberals and atheists. While there is certainly some fire behind this smoke, several factors predict which side Americans take on this debate – and religion is only part … Continue reading

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Sex and the Single Muslim

by Umbreen Bhatti Sex. Here's the thing, you can talk about it like a giggling pre-teen, or you can talk about it like a grownup. In his Foreign Policy piece titled “Sex and the Single Mullah” – great title, right? … Continue reading

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