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Orthodoxy’s Last Stand

By Graham Clark A political firestorm turned literal in Kiev on Tuesday. Ablaze, the city’s Independence Square became the flashpoint of a conflict that has been heating up for more than a month. The intensifying physical violence has prompted widespread … Continue reading

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Religion, politics and law collide in “The Hindus” lawsuit

by Rosalie Murphy Last week, publisher Penguin India signed an out-of-court settlement and agreed to stop circulating The Hindus: An Alternative History, a scholarly study of ancient India by University of Chicago professor Wendy Doniger. In six months, Penguin will … Continue reading

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An Italian Monastery Becomes a Fashion Destination for Brides in a Frugal Era

CASCIA, Italy — The seamstress gently fastened the ivory-colored silk-covered buttons of the lace corset. She took out the embroidered veil and laid it over the bride-to-be’s long black hair. Girlfriends and family members watched in silence, their eyes glistening. … Continue reading

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Obama: ‘Freedom of Religion Is Under Threat’

President Barack Obama said religious freedom is under threat, and highlighted the plight of two American Christians held in North Korea and Iran. In his address to the National Prayer Breakfast, an annual gathering of lawmakers and numerous faith leaders, Mr. Obama  said it’s … Continue reading

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The Atlas of Global Pentecostalism, February 24-25

The USC Knight Program in Media and Religion, The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences present the Atlas of Global Pentecostalism, a dynamic database of the fastest growing religion on earth. On … Continue reading

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Female Politician Blames Women For Rape

By Chhaya Nene Protests follow a rape in India.  Then there is another rape. Followed by more protests.  What cultural factors are at the root of the country’s violent misogyny? Which politicians stoke the flames? Do any political leaders offer … Continue reading

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Spreading the Pentecostal spirit

“Dios es bueno!“ (God is good!) Pastor Rene Molina moved among the sea of believers, bestowing blessings with his touch. He placed a hand on one worshiper’s head, sparking such emotion that the man fell to the floor. “Jesus was an … Continue reading

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Gay trials suspended in Nigeria over mob violence fears

Bauchi — Two Islamic courts in northern Nigeria have been forced to suspend the trials of 10 men accused of homosexuality because of fears of mob violence, judges and officials have said. An angry crowd last week pelted stones at … Continue reading

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The Absence of Religion in Indian Media

By Brianna Sacks The 2012 fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi shook India, and the world. More specifically, the event pushed rape and crimes against women to the forefront of India’s news media coverage. Since that … Continue reading

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Pope Francis says the Internet is a “gift from God”

ROME — It may sometimes be a breeding ground for pornographers, bullies and hateful extremists, but the Internet received an official blessing Thursday from Pope Francis, who called it a “gift from God.” “The digital world can be an environment rich … Continue reading

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