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Mothers Know Best

NPR’s story on a local election in El’ad, an ultra-Orthodox Israeli town, is great as far as it goes; it just does’t go very far. Reporter Emily Harris’ four minute audio clip focuses on why two mothers are challenging community … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Today’s LATimes reports that American “officials” fear that “radical Islamists could take root in Syria.” Their concern has been piqued by the Al Nusra Front, a militant Islamic group allied with al-Qaida that seeks to replace the Assad government with … Continue reading

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LATimes: Egypt, God and Google

According to the LATimes, “God is everywhere in Egypt.” But after reading the paper’s bland explanation of that catchy headline, one wonders “so what?” The September 30 piece notes that religion is important in the Islamic country and that politicians of … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan did a great job of summing up what’s new and what’s not about Pope Francis’ comments on gays. Francis returned the Church to where it was before Benedict’s 2005 decision to bar all gays from the priesthood. The … Continue reading

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